Updates in the PokerMatch's game client

Dear PokerMatch players,

This Tuesday, October 23, important changes have been applied to the game client. We hope the updates will make your game on PokerMatch an even more pleasant experience.

What has changed in the game client:

1. Now seats taken by the players in the tournaments are assigned after the end of the late registration. This way, no more situations when players are assigned to the same seats will occur.
2. In Windfall tournaments held in the 3 max format the jackpot now will be split among 3 players that sit by the table. 50% of it will go to the tournament winner, 30% to the player that took the second place, and 20% to the player that took the third. In case a jackpot is hit on the 3 max table, deals will be allowed.
3. For your convenience, you can now use mouse buttons as hot keys in the game.

Now Boost tables are located on top of the menu so you won’t have to search them by the limits.

5. A new section was added to the poker client — Slots. 

There are 10 games available. If you click on any of those, a matching game will open up in the browser.
If you click on the “More games” button, a separate page for Slots will load. 

We wish you a pleasant and successful on PokerMatch!