Best players in the series of freerolls Marathon Freerolls

The series of freerolls Marathon Freerolls ended, she lasted 20 days and in general played prize pool in 250,000 UAH. Series attracted a large number of players and many of them were beginners. We are glad, that can give an opportunity to many players, not only to try their force in our free tournaments, but also to earn out their first prize money!

Of course, as in any competition, in our marathon of freerolls were winners! Among the many good players, it is worth to highlight the 100 best! They repeatedly won in the tournaments, and were able to score more points than others, which allowed them to participate in the drawing of additional 50,000 UAH of prizes.

Table for the first 10 winners of the leaderboard:

Place Nickname Prize
1  roman636 10,000 uah
higher  7,500 uah
slavenin88  5,000 uah
trett  2,500 uah
kolkmen  1,000 uah 
vadymvnua  1,000 uah 
 jsergem 1,000 uah
admiraler  1,000 uah
didsashko666  1,000 uah 
10  Kirill1990cs  1,000 uah

Another 90 winners of the leaderboard get the prizes in the amount of 500, 250 and 100 UAH, depending on their position in the rating.

It's easy to understand, that everyone could fight for victory and for money prizes in the tournaments - the main was desire! As a result, many beginners were able to prove themselves - their wonder by their winnings and passion for the game. As it turned out not always the experience solves all the questions, sometimes you need to feel the game!

We congratulate all winners! We express our sincere gratitude to all participants of our series of freerolls, and are already preparing new interesting promotions for you!