Olga Iermolcheva became a PokerMatch Pro

One of the most successful Ukrainian poker players Olga Iermolcheva signed a contract with PokerMatch and became the first professional player of the poker room. Immediately after signing the contract, Olga talked about her first impressions of a new status, memorable moments in her career and plans for the WSOP.

— Olya, you signed a contract with the PokerMatch poker room. How did your acquaintance take place and what was the decisive moment for you?

— I first heard about PokerMatch when they were the title sponsor for a series of live tournaments UA Millions in Kharkiv. I'm interested in everything that concerns the development of poker in Ukraine. Team PokerMatch approaches the case very professionally, I'm sure our cooperation will be fruitful.

— As far as we know, this is your first professional contract. How does it feel to become a poker pro?

— Perhaps it may seem arrogant to somebody, but I feel myself as a poker professional for a long time, and the contract proves that I was not mistaken.

— You often play online tournaments on PokerMatch. How do you rate the level of the poker room?

— I really like the software, especially the presence of Pineaplle poker in the room. The team comes up with interesting promotions, various races. The level of the field is also very pleasing. There are small questions to the tournament grid, but I think this is not a problem.

— You've been into poker for a long time now. How did your acquaintance with the game begin?

— It was so long ago... I did the first steps on the Internet, then I became a regular at poker clubs in Cherkassy and Kyiv. It was a very interesting and cognitive experience.

— The most successful tournament for you so far was held in Panama (Olga took the second place in the main event of the LAPT series in 2015 — Ed.). How did you get on that series and what impressions did you have?

— I flew there to play a series of tournaments on the Internet. Panama was chosen not by chance, but because of the convenience of time zones. The series was intended for the American audience, and I did not want to grind at night. Well, second, there was an offline tournament. I'm very glad that I decided to play it, $100,000 are not superfluous! (smiles).

— Very soon you will go to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas...

— To visit the capital of excitement, I think, every self-respecting poker player should. I look forward to the trip, I have many plans for this summer!

— What tournaments are you going to play at the WSOP?

— Immediately upon arrival, I will play Ladies Event and I will definitely play the Main Event of the World Series for $ 10K. What else - I do not know yet, but there is a choice.

— Women's tournament - is it something special? In terms of tactics, tells?..

— Oh, well, of course it's not a usual poker tournament, absolutely different atmosphere, the girls are not rivals here, but friends, everyone supports each other, they communicate, they joke. I think there should be more women's tournaments! You are now asked about tactics and tells. What is this? (smiles).

— By the way, in your opinion, why not so many girls are engaged in poker? And what would you advise to those girls who want to make a career in this game?

— To play poker, you must have steel nerves, discipline, cold reason, stress resistance. Poker requires a total dedication. In addition, this is a complicated psychological game, and not just cards on the hands... For the new players, I want to advise girls not to give up. It rarely happens when you succeed right away, but the joy of victory is worth all efforts!