PONT summer series: results of the equator

The big summer series PONT that is held in our poker room since August 10 till August 26, has reached its equator. Prize money and champion cups have already been drawn for 10 title tournaments with the prize pool making up more than 1,300,000 UAH! By the way, the payouts in all title tournaments exceed the guarantees announced earlier.

Right now, the biggest amount of prize money during one tournament was won by a player under the nickname ligray. He turned out to be the most skillful player in the Lucky Sunday tournament. For their win, the player received 33,193 UAH.

Let's recognize the new champions of the series as well: players trk_30, bez0brazie, vojinn, anna1984anna and hahaha. We’ve already prepared the exclusive champion cups of our series for them.

And here is the list of all champions of the title tournaments at this moment: 

Tournament Prize pool Winner Prize
 [PONT-1] Welcome Party 100,000 UAH GTD 129,420 UAH alkash69 24,279 UAH
 [PONT-2] Let’s Dance Hopak 100,000 UAH GTD 141,390 UAH realrocknrolla 26,439 UAH
 [PONT-3] Lucky Sunday 150,000 UAH GTD 166,500 UAH itryto23 31,784 UAH
 [PONT-4] Super Grinders 100,000 UAH GTD 109,350 UAH art_money 27,337 UAH
 [PONT-5] PKO Fighters 50,000 UAH GTD 62,010 UAH trk_30 17,052 UAH
 [PONT-6] Ocean Sharks 150,000 UAH GTD 167,940 UAH bez0brazie 32,328 UAH
 [PONT-7] Hold'em Warriors 100,000 UAH GTD 122,220 UAH vojinn 23,062 UAH
 [PONT-8] Sharks Party 100,000 UAH GTD 124,470 UAH anna1984anna 23,487 UAH
 [PONT-9] Let’s Dance Hopak 100,000 UAH GTD 147,510 UAH hahaha   27,672 UAH 
 [PONT-10] Lucky Sunday 150,000 UAH GTD 173,880 UAH ligray 33,193 UAH

This week you can expect a program that will be even more interesting. 11 title tournaments that will include a special tournament for WindFall fans — Windfall Shootout Masters. And three Main Events where guaranteed 700,000 UAH will be drawn will end the series!

Schedule of the title tournaments of the series (August 20–26):

Date Time Tournament Buy-in Guarantee
August 20, Mon 20:00  [PONT-11] Texas Cowboys 100,000 UAH GTD  500 UAH 100,000 UAH
August 21, Tue 20:00  [PONT-12] Bounty Hunters 50,000 UAH GTD  500 UAH 50,000 UAH
August 22, Wed 20:00  [PONT-13] Sky Dreamers 150,000 UAH GTD  200 UAH 150,000 UAH
August 23, Thu 20:00  [PONT-14] Fighters Club 100,000 UAH GTD  100 UAH 100,000 UAH
August 24, Fri 20:00  [PONT-15] Friday Showtime 100,000 UAH GTD  100 UAH 100,000 UAH
August 25, Sat 20:00  [PONT-16] Let’s Dance Hopak 100,000 UAH GTD   100 UAH 100,000 UAH
August 26, Sun 18:00  [PONT-17] Face to Face KO HU 50,000 UAH GTD   200 UAH 50,000 UAH
  18:30  [PONT-18] Windfall SO Masters 150,000 UAH GTD   500 UAH 150,000 UAH
  19:00  [PONT-19] Micro Main Event 50,000 UAH GTD    50 UAH 50,000 UAH
  19:30  [PONT-20] Mini Main Event 150,000 UAH GTD   250 UAH 150,000 UAH
  20:00  [PONT-21] Main Event 500,000 UAH GTD   2,000 UAH 500,000 UAH

We’d also like to remind you that we hold tens of regular daily tournaments during the series in our poker-room, like Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Chinese poker, with buy-ins starting at 10 UAH. Regular tournaments start at 9 AM and end late at night. 

You can find the full schedule of the regular tournaments here.

You can win additional prizes thanks to our PONT Tourneymania promo! Once in four days, 10 most successful players that have collected the biggest amount of points by playing tournaments with the buy-ins starting at 1 UAH get the part of the prize pool of 100,000 UAH!

Winners of the second stage of the promo:

Place Nickname Prizes
1 realrocknrolla 35,000 UAH
2 tonyuzi  25,000 UAH
 3  fishbubbleboy  15,000 UAH
4 trk_30  10,000 UAH
 5  bez0brazie    5,000 UAH
6 gydier11    2,000 UAH
7 fl111   2,000 UAH
8 morph1k0_o   2,000 UAH
 9  vojinn   2,000 UAH
10 kors4    2,000 UAH

The PONT Tourneymania promo continues. There will be two more stages in the PONT series:

№3. From August 18 (9 AM) till August 22 (8:59 AM).
№4. From August 22 (9 AM) till August 27 (8:59 AM).

Best of luck to all participants of PONT tournament and PONT Tourneymania promo!