Chinese poker «Pineapple»

Chinese poker «Pineapple» is a dynamic novelty, which is considered one of the most interesting present day poker forms. Its main difference from  Texas Hold'em,  that we are used to, is the lack of the traditional rounds of betting, and a significantly greater number of cards that players have in hand.  If you want something completely new in poker, then try playing at the «Pineapple» PokerMatch tables. You can read detailed rules for the Chinese poker in «How to play» section.

Chinese poker became known to the world in the mid-90s, when it entered the official World Series of Poker program in Las Vegas. As for us, it was not until recently when this game started being actively promoted, and gained a lot of admirers almost immediately. PokerMatch room offers the most popular form of the game - open Chinese poker «Pineapple» or OFC Pineapple.

This game has fairly simple rules. To learn how to play it, you only need to learn hand ranking seniority. At the beginning of the round each player is distributed five cards face up. Further, in each round, players receive three cards face down, from which the player has to choose two and add them to his hand (exposing cards). The third card is discarded face down. There are only four rounds in the «Pineapple»; all of them are played this way.

The intrigue of the game is that even beginners are able to beat the strongest opponents due to high influence of luck. Play chinese poker at PokerMatch, go in and win!