How to make a deposit

In the CASH section of our site you can make a deposit using your bank card as well as a variety of other electronic payment systems. To choose the most convenient option, go to «CASH» tab. Besides making a deposit, you can also withdraw money (claim your winnings) and view transaction history. 

The currency of all your future transactions is determined when you create your profile. Please be advised that in some cases currency conversion may take place, depending on the banking system and transaction processing specifics. In this case during deposition or withdrawal you will see two amounts, one of them being expressed in your profile currency, and the other in the transaction currency. 

1. If you want to make a deposit, select the «CASHIER» tab.

2. Enter the button «DEPOSIT» and will open the new window.

3. In the open window choose the most convenient way for depositing funds.

4. In the form, enter your payment method details, specify the amount of your deposit and click «PAY». In just a few minutes, your balance will increase by the amount paid.