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Valentine's Freeroll 2,500 UAH GTD!

PokerMatch announces a special Valentine's Freeroll 2,500 UAH GTD to be held daily from February 14 to 28 at 20:00 (GMT+2). Every player will be granted a free first tournament entry on February 14. In order to earn your entry to the other tournaments you will need to accumulate 5 points by collecting different combinations on UAH real money Texas Hold'em cash-tables.

• Flush: 1 point
• Full-House: 2 points
• Four of a Kind and up: 5 points

Thus, you have many options to get to the tournament. You can either collect four of a kind or 5 flushes. As you can see, it is that simple! After you have collected a required number of points, you will be automatically registered for the nearest tournament due the following day.

Once there are only 5,000 seats in the freeroll you should hurry up, as only the first 5,000 players who collect 5 points will be able to participate! Combinations collected on any UAH Texas Hold'em (NL, FL and PL) tables are counted toward performance. Tournaments will be held in the usual 9-max format, top 10 players will be granted prizes. You can track your progress in collecting points in the gaming client in the «Cashier» tab=>> «Active promo».

Full promotion terms

1. To earn a ticket to the tournaments from February 15 to 28 inclusive, you must collect 5 special points in a cash game.
2. Points calculation starts on February 14 at 00:00 (GMT+2). Points calculation ends every day at 23:59 (GMT+2) and a ticket is issued to the tournament due the following day.
3. Points for collected combinations are awarded after a player sits out of the table. Make sure to end your gaming session in time, if you are playing close to the end of point calculation time in order to receive your points. 
4. You can win only one ticket for each separate tournament.
5. If a tournament participant does not join the game during the first blind level, he will be eliminated from the tournament without ticket return or any other compensation.
6. The promotion only applies to 6-max and 9-max UAH real money Texas Hold'em (NL, FL and PL) cash-tables. Anonymous and boost-tables participate in the promotion. Private tables do not participate.
7. For a combination to be counted, a minimum rake must be collected during the hand. It is not necessary to enter the showdown stage.
8. A combination can include just one pocket card.
9. After collecting a required number of points, a player will be automatically registered for the tournament due the following day
10. During the tournaments a rebuy and an add-on for 5 UAH are available.
11. All PokerMatch terms and conditions apply.
12. Promotion terms may be amended or supplemented at any time.
13. This text on the official poker-room website and the promotion description in the gaming client serve as the official promotion terms.