Current promotions

«Combo Catcher» - 1,500,000 UAH [1st to 30th of April]

From 1st to 30th of April on PokerMatch will pass the favorite by many players «Combo Catcher», where you just need to play poker, collect different combinations and receive prizes every day! The prize pool is 1,500,000 UAH!

Each day, among the best 15 players of low-limits will be distributed the prize pool in 10,000 UAH, and among the players of high limits in 25,000 UAH! For all month in the leaderboards will be played over 1,000,000 UAH!

The distribution of prizes in the leaderboards:

Place Low limits (0.50/1, 1/2, 2.5/5 uah) Place High limits (5/10, 10/20, 25/50+ uah)
2,000 uah 1 5,000 uah
2 1,500 uah 2 4,000 uah 
3 1,250 uah 3 3,000 uah 
4 1,000 uah  4 2,500 uah 
5 750 uah  5 2,000 uah 
6-10 450 uah 6-10 1,200 uah 
11-15 250 uah  11-15 500 uah 

If you want to participate in the promotion, you just need to play for the Texas Hold'em cash tables in the blinds from 0.50/1 uah and score points for the collected combinations. Points are awarded for both win and loss.

Scoring of points for the combination:

 Combination Points for win Points for loss
 КК 2 3
 AA 4 6
 Two pairs 6 8
 Set 8 12
 Straight 10 15
 Flush 12 18
20 30
 Four of kinds 50 100
 Straight-Flush 500 1,000
 Royal-Flush 1,000 -

The higher blinds you play, the more points you get, because at the high limits, there are special multipliers:

Low limits High limits
 Limit  Multiplier  Limit  Multiplier
 0.5/1 uah  х1  5/10 uah  х1
 1/2 uah  х1,5  10/20 uah  х1,5
 2.5/5 uah  х2  25/50+ uah  х2

Players of the Boost-tables wait a special surprise! On May 2 at 20:00 for you will pass a special tournament HOLD'EM BOOST CHALLENGE with a guarantee of 450,000 UAH. The minimum prize pool of the tournament will be 450,000 UAH, which is guaranteed by PokerMatch, but the size of the prize pool may grow by the end of the month, because it is formed  by a special commission in 1% of each bank played at the Boost Size tables.

Playing at the boost-tables Size 3, 4, 5, etc with blinds from 0.50/1 uah, you will receive 1 tournament chip for each 1 uah rake for the starting stack in the tournament HOLD'EM BOOST CHALLENGE. The stack of each player will depend on the amount of rake. As a result, the more you play, the higher the starting stack.

Additional terms and conditions:

1. The qualifying period of the daily leaderboards starts at 03:00 time by Kyiv and ends at 02:59 time by Kiev in the next day.
2. Only uah cash tables of Texas Hold'em participate in the action, except for tables with the function Run it twice.
3. To compile the main part of the combination, both pocket cards must be used. For example, you collected aces and king kicker (AAAAK), but you have pocket cards from A and K, and the other three aces from the board - in this case, the combination does not count. In this example, to collect a combination, you must have two aces as pocket cards.
4. Players can track their progress in the stock in the gaming client in the section «Cashier» - «Active shares». 4 leaderboards will be created:

- [LOW] Daily 10,000 UAH Combo Catcher - the daily leaderboard for the best players of low limits;

- [HIGH] Daily 25,000 UAH Combo Catcher - the daily leaderboard for the best players of high limits;

- [Tournament Prize Pool] Hold'em Boost Challenge - leaderboard for tracking the size of the tournament prize pool;

- [Tournament Chips] Hold'em Boost Challenge - the leaderboard for tracking the number of chips in the starting stack in the tournament.

5. To receive points in the hand, must be removed the minimum rake and players must reach at least the flop.
6. Points are not awarded if during the distribution player made a pass with the finished combination.
7. Distributing must necessarily or win, or lose. If player wins a hand without opening, the points are counted.
8. If the result of the hand was the division of the pot (split), each player will receive the number of points that he is entitled to win with the collected combination.
9. Daily prizes will be automatically credited to the account of the participants of the action within 15 minutes after the closure of the next daily leaderboard.
10. If the player wants his points to be credited to the leader of the current day, then he needs to leave the table 15 minutes before the end of the crediting period of this day. Otherwise, the points will be credited to the leaderboard next day.
11. All players participating in the promotion and having 500 tournament chips in the leaderboard of the [Tournament Chips] Holdem Boost Challenge, will receive a ticket to the tournament HOLD'EM BOOST CHALLENGE 450,000 UAH+ GTD on May 2 to 15:00. Participants will need to register for the tournament themselves.
12. Ticket for the tournament HOLD'EM BOOST CHALLENGE 450,000 UAH+ GTD is not subject to any exchange or compensation.
13. The official terms of the promotion are the text on the official website of PokerMatch.
14. The terms of the promotion can be changed or supplemented at any time.