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Autumn GrivnasFall - prize pool 300,000 UAH [october 1-15]

From 1st to 15th of October on the PokerMatch passes the action «Autumn GrivnasFall» with the prize pool 300,000 UAH!

In the PokerMatch lobby will appeared the new tables CASH DROP for the Texas Hold'em game. When you play on this tables and collect the winner combinations, you will take place in the every day leaderboard list with the prize pool 18,000 UAH! The prizes get 50 best players every day!

Points will be given for victory and for losing too for every distribution! Table of the points is giving below:

 Combination  Points for victory  Points for losing
 KK 2 3
 AA 4 6
 Two pairs 6 8
 Set 8 12
 Straight 10 15
 Flush 12 18
 Full-House 20 30
 Quads 50 100
 Straight-Flush 500 1,000
 Royal-Flush 1,000 -

Table with divided multiplier, which depend of the blinds in the game:

 Blinds  Points multiplier
 0.25/0.50 uah  х1
 0.50/1 uah  х1.5
 1/2 uah  х2
 2.50/5 uah and higher  х2.5

Prizes will be shared between the best 50 players in such way:

 Place  Prize
 1  2,700 uah
 2  1,800 uah 
 3  900 uah 
 4  560 uah 
 5-8  450 uah 
 9-16  325 uah 
 17-25  300 uah 
 26-42  220 uah 
 43-50  150 uah 

Except the prizes in the every day leaderboard,  another surprise is waiting for you! The special prize fund of GrivnasFall will collect 1% from each playing bank on the tables Cash Drop. Once a day, in the random time, all accumulating prize pool will fall on the tables Cash Drop and will share out between players, which present in the game on the current moment and played 20 and more raked hands in this session of the table.

More higher limits you play, more bigger prize you have:

 Blinds  Multiplier
 0.25/0.50 uah  х1
 0.50/1 uah  х1.5
 1/2 uah  х2
 2.50/5 uah and higher  х2.5


Example for drawing a prize

Suppposably, the prize pool is 10,000 UAH. In the game is 10 players on the tables with blinds 0.25/0.50 uah and 5 players on the tables with blinds 1/2 uah, which play more than 20 hands in the current session of the table Cash Drop. This mean, that 10 players on the table with limits 0.25/0.50 uah will get - 10,000/(10*1+5*2)*1=500 UAH, and 5 players on the table with limits 1/2 uah will get - 10,000/(10*1+5*2)*2=1,000 UAH.

The players of high limits will be waiting the tournament Winner Takes All Cash Drop NL20+,  which will pass 16th of October at 20:00. The ticket on this tourney will recieve all players, which played 500 and more rake hands on the tables with blinds from 10/20 uah and higher. The winner of the tournament will receive 50,000 UAH!

Terms and conditions of the action

1. The action period - from 1st to 15th of October.
2. In the action took part only gryvnas tables of the Texas Hold'em, which is named Cash Drop.
3. The credited period of every day leaderboards begin in 03:00 by Kiev and end at 02:59 by Kiev.
4. To complete the combination you must use both of the pocket cards. To get points for the combination, the player must reach at least the flop.
4.1. If the players have scored an equal number of points in the leaderboard, the higher will be the one who collected this number of points closer to the end of the leaderboard.
5. If player pass his cards, the points for the collected combination will not be given.
6. The prizes are paided automaticlly during 15 minutes after the closing regular of every day leaderboard.
7. The players can view their progress in the action at the game client in the section «Cashier» => «Active contests».
8. On the tables Cash Drop is charged the standart rake at the rate of 5%, but not bigger 125 UAH. The prize pool of GrivnasFall is formed from additional fee in 1% from every bank, but not bigger 25 UAH.
9. The prize pool of GrivnasFall is played out every day between the players, which correspond to the action terms.
10. The active session of the player on the moment of falling the prize not less than 20 raked hands is the necessary condition to receive the prize.
11. If in the moment of money prize falling player has 20 and more hands in the session on the tables with a few blinds, he will get only one prize, which will be calculating acording to his biggest blinds, satisfying to all terms of action.
12. In the description of the action is shown the simplified example, which is designed to show you the mechanics of the action. The full scheme of the distribution of the prizes looks like this:

Prize = (Prizepool / (a*1+b*1.5+c*2+d*2.5))*x, wherе:
Prize – the prize of the player
Prizepool – the prize fund
a – number of players on the blinds 0.25/0.5 uah
b – number of players on the blinds 0.5/1 uah
c – number of players on the blinds 1/2 uah
d – number of players on the blinds 2.5/5 uah and higher
x – the multiplier of player for which is accrued the prize

13. The terms of the action can be changed and complemented at any time.