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Autumn rake race and special tournament October Top Rake Racers Battle [430,000 UAH guaranteed]

From October 1 to October 11 all PokerMatch players can take part in an exciting rake race where we will play 430,000 UAH!

All cash games of our poker-room can participate in the rake race: Texas Holdem, Omaha, Chinese Poker and others. Prize money will be paid out daily! 10 best players of the day will be awarded with it! The more points, the higher the rank in the leaderboard. The points scoring formula is simple: one hryvnia equals one point.

Every day, top 10 players will split 30,000 UAH between them, and the daily winner of the race will get 7,500 UAH!

The prize money distribution:

Place Prize
1  7,500 UAH
2  5,500 UAH
 3   4,500 UAH
4  3,000 UAH
 5   2,500 UAH
6  2,000 UAH
7-8  1,500 UAH
9-10  1,000 UAH

A special tournament October Top Rake Racers Battle

That's not the only news. On October 14 at 8 PM by Kiev time, we'll hold a special October Top Rake Racers Battle tournament among the most successful players and draw additional 100,000 UAH.

To get a ticket to the tournament, a player has to get in the top 10 of the rank race at least twice during the promo. The more times you are listed among the 10 best players, the bigger your starting stack in the tournament will be: 

Number of times listed among top 10 Amount of chips in the starting stack
2 times  10,000 chips
3 times  20,000 chips
4 times  30,000 chips
5 times  40,000 chips
6 times  50,000 chips
7 times  100,000 chips

The October Top Rake Racers Battle tournament will be held in Boost 6-max format, it will start with the blinds of 50/100, and each level will last 7 minutes. Please be aware that the late signup for the tournament is unavailable. 

All participants of the tournament will receive their ticket on October 13 by 2 PM by Kiev time. Players are supposed to sign up for the tournament themselves. If a player does not take part in the tournament, their ticket will be discarded without any compensation. 

There will be 3 prize places in the tournament. The winner will receive 50,000 UAH, the award for the second place will make up 30,000 UAH, and the third player will receive 20,000 UAH. 

Good luck to everyone participating in our rake race and the October Top Rake Racers Battle tournament! 

Additional terms and conditions

1. The daily race will begin at 3:00 AM by Kiev time and will end the next day at 2:59 AM by Kiev time.
2. The accounting of points in the rake race is done by the formula: 1 UAH in a rake = 1 point.
3. Points for a rake are accounted to the players after the end of the session and closure of the table. If a player wants their points to be accounted into today’s leaderboard, they have to leave the table a 15 minutes before the end of the of accounted period of that day. In other case, points will be accounted to the leaderboard of the following day.
4. The prize money for scoring a position in top 10 of the race is rewarded automatically after the end of the accounted period.
5. All participants of the promo that get into the top 10 daily charts twice or more will receive tickets to the special October Top Rake Racers Battle tournament.
6. Players must sign up for the tournament themselves by 10 AM by Kiev time on October 14. In other case, their tickets will be discarded without any compensation.
7. At the final table of the tournament, it is possible to make a deal.
8. One can track their progress in the promo in the poker room, Cashier section — Active promos.
9. This text on the PokerMatch website is to be considered the official rules of the promo.
10. The terms and conditions of the promo can be changed or updated at any time.