Current promotions

Autumn Tourneymania. From Sep 1 to Sep 29 [400,000 UAH guaranteed]

Autumn will be full of events in our poker room. In September, the total guaranteed prize pool in regular tournaments will make up 10,000,000 UAH! You will be able to test out your poker talents and win a really good prize!

On the first day of autumn, a new Tourneymania promo begins, and it will last from September 1 to September 29.

The promo will consist of 4 stages, at each stage we will draw 100,000 UAH. 

Dates of the stages:

#1. Sep 1 (09:00) — Sep 8 (08:59).
#2. Sep 8 (09:00) — Sep 15 (08:59).
#3. Sep 15 (09:00) — Sep 22 (08:59).
#4. Sep 22 (09:00) — Sep 29 (08:59).

Ten most successful players of every stage will receive prize money, and winners’ accounts will be topped up with 35,000 UAH. 




35,000 UAH


25,000 UAH


15,000 UAH


10,000 UAH


  5,000 UAH


  2,000 UAH

 The new point system

To take part in the promo, one has to play in the multi-table tournaments with buy-ins starting at 10 UAH and collect points.

Attention! Now points in the leaderboard are accounted in a new way:

Getting into the prize zone of the tournament is 1 point.
Getting into the top three of the tournament will bring additional 2 points.
And the tournament champion will get additional 2 points.

In total, in case of success one can win up to 5 points in a tournament.

Good luck to everyone in the first autumn promo event Tourneymania!

Additional terms and conditions

1. Scoring periods of the Tourneymania promo event will be divided into 4 stages: from September 1 (09:00) to September 8 (08:59), from September 8 (09:00) to September 15 (08:59), from September 15 (09:00) to September 22 (08:59), and from September 22 (09:00) to September 29 (08:59). The time here is set according to Kiev time zone.
2. All multi-table tournaments with buy-ins starting from 10 UAH, except for the satellites and Rush Hour tournaments, take part in the promotion.
3. In tournaments where re-entries and multi-entries are possible, each entry is accounted as a unique entry.
4. Points are accounted for after a player is knocked out of a tournament. The point accounting formula is based on the player’s results in the tournament.
5. In case of a deal at the final table, the first place is awarded to the player that will get the biggest amount of prize money as a result of the deal.
6. If two or more players have the same amount of points in the leaderboard, the player who scored more points near the end of the stage will be higher.
7. One can follow their progress in the promo in the play room by clicking on the Cashier => Active promotions.
8. Prizes will be paid out to the winners in 15 minutes after the end of the scoring period and the closure of the leaderboard.
9. The terms and conditions of the promo can be changed or extended at any time.