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Bad-beat Jackpot

Bad-beat jackpot can turn your impressions upside down after losing a hand! Just imagine that you have a perfect hand and you are anticipating to win a big pot against an annoying opponent, but suddenly he turns out to have collected an even stronger hand and he gets all your desired chips. Painful? You bet. But wait, if you played at a Bad-beat jackpot table it is you who really won! How it works?

PokerMatch has special UAH tables with a little higher commission fee, where players form the jackpot prize fund themselves. In some cases its amount can reach up to several million UAH! And if on such a table a player with quad of sevens loses to an even more powerful hand, Bad-beat jackpot will be distributed and hand loser will get the main pot! That's why it is named so.

You can play at Bad Beat Jackpot tables with blinds of 1/2 UAH and higher.

Rules to draw PokerMatch bad-beat jackpot

1. Bad-beat is considered an event when your hand starting from a quad of sevens loses to an even stronger hand.
2. If two or more players collect hands that meet the jackpot criteria, then two highest hands are considered in drawing. First higher hand wins and the other loses, thus hitting a bad-beat jackpot.
3. 4 or more players must participate in a distribution, the winner and the loser must use both their pocket cards and reach the final showdown.
4. A minimum rake of 0,5 UAH must be collected.

Terms of UAH jackpot distribution

1. 35% goes to the lost hand.
2. 20% goes to the hand winner.
3. 15% are distributed among other players who participated in the hand.
4. 20% is allocated as a starting prize fund for the new bad beat jackpot.
5. 10% is charged as a commission fee of PokerMatch poker network.

Additional terms

1. To collect the main part of the hand you must use your both pocket cards. For example, if you have collected a quad of aces and King is a kicker (ААААК) but your pocket cards are A and K, while the three aces are from the table, then this hand does not qualify for the jackpot. In this specific example you need to have two aces in your pocket cards.
2. Bad Beat tables in the lobby are marked with an asterisk and highlighted with green font. At Bad Beat tables an additional 1% rake is charged from each hand, which forms a cumulative part of the bad beat jackpot prize fund.
3. Bad Beat Jackpot winners are marked with a special badge.
4. Only registered PokerMatch players with verified accounts are eligible for receiving a jackpot. Otherwise, a player may not receive a winning amount. Account is considered verified when the e-mail address that was used for registration is confirmed, at least one deposit was made and documents confirming player’s identity are attached in the player’s profile at poker-room.
5. General Terms & Conditions of poker room user agreement apply.
6. Terms and Conditions of the promotion can be changed or updated at any time.
7. Only the present text posted on the official poker-room web page can be regarded as the official terms of the promotion.