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Combinator promotion [150,000 UAH guarantee]

Dear friends! Many of you enjoy playing poker for pure pleasure and do not aim for the high stakes. If you make humble deposits and play at PokerMatch without exceeding small limits, our new promotion Combinator is just for you! Now, even playing a game with the lowest buy-ins gives you a daily chance to win prizes up to 1,000 UAH!

The rules of the promo are simple. Starting from July 23 until August 22, you have to play at any cash-table of the Texas Hold’em with blinds starting from 0.05/0.10 UAH and collect combinations. Every day, players who have collected the best combination (we account combinations from the Full House 222xx) will share the prize pool of 5,000 UAH. And the winner of the day who has collected the best combination will receive 1,000 UAH.

Every day 289 players will be able to add parts of the promo prize pool to their accounts, so the chances to be among runners-up are huge!

Places and the prize amounts during the promo: 




1,000 UAH


500 UAH


300 UAH


200 UAH


100 UAH


50 UAH


25 UAH


10 UAH



Collect the best combinations and improve your game in our poker room!

Good luck in the new promo!

Rules and terms of the promotion

1. The daily accounting of the promotion starts at 3 AM by Kiev time and ends at 2:59 AM by Kiev time the next day.
2. All cash tables of Texas Hold’em take part in the promo, except for the Run It Twice tables.
3. The minimal combination to participate with is the Full House 222xx.
To set the combination, one has to use both pocket cards. Let’s say you have collected four of aces and the king kicker (AAAAK) but your pocket cards are A and K, and all the other aces are from the board, then the combination is not accounted. In this case, to collect the combination, one has to have two aces as the pocket cards.
5. For the combination collected to be accounted in the leaderboard, one has to proceed with it till the showdown (though winning is not necessary), or to win before the showdown when all the other players have folded.
6. In case of two players collecting the same combination, a player who has collected it later will take the higher place in the leaderboard.
7. You can follow your progress during the promo in the “Cash desk” menu => “Active promotions” tab of the poker room.
8. Prizes are paid out daily and automatically 15 minutes after the corresponding leaderboard ends.
9. This text on the PokerMatch website is considered to be the official rules of the promotion.
10. Promotion rules can be changed or extended at any moment.