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Freeroll tournaments with Alexey Durnev

Every Wednesday starting from October 10, freeroll tournaments will take place on PokerMatch, featuring the media ambassador of our poker room, Alexey Durnev! The tournaments start at 21:00 Kyiv time, the prize pool is 5,000 UAH. And if you manage to knock Alexey out from the tournament, you will receive a reward of 500 UAH! Alexey Durnev's PokerMatch account is 'durnev'.

Tournaments will be held in the "Boost" format, when a player moves to another table after each hand. This way, all tournament participants will get the opportunity to play with Alexey Durnev at the same table!

Each and all PokerMatch players can participate in these tournaments, however, each tournament will have a password. Alexey will tell these passwords in his new show “Durnev spoils everything”, coming out on YouTube on Thursdays. Watch the episodes of the show, learn passwords and participate in our free tournaments with a star! The link to the episode in which the password is told will always be in the tournament description in PokerMatch game lobby, but you can also find the password yourself. For example, if the number of the tournament is No.1, then the password will be in episode 1 of the show as well.

How to find a tournament in the lobby?

1. Open the game lobby from your computer.
2. Make sure you have the “Real Money” tab selected.
3. Go to “Events”.
4. Find a tournament in the list, as shown on the screenshot below.
5. You can also participate in the tournament from a mobile phone. Open the app, go to the “Tournaments”, and in the filters on the left select “Type” > “Freerolls” and you will find the tournament you need in the list.

Attention! If you've registered in a tournament in advance, but were not active during the first 5 minutes after its start, that is, you were in the “seatout”, you will be removed from the tournament. This is done so that players who don't come to the tournament on time would not spoil the normal game for other active players. Please come to the tournament on time. See you at PokerMatch!