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November missions from Durnev and Mangusta: 30 tasks for 200,000 UAH

From November 1 till November 30 one more pleasant challenge awaits all players at PokerMatch — 30 missions from PokerMatch’s media ambassador Alexey Durnev, PokerMatch Pro Olga Mangusta Yermolcheva, and our poker-room.

All players who complete easy tasks will share the prize pool of 150,000 UAH! This is something to fight for, right? 

Do not postpone completing the missions until the very last day because prizes await only those who'll pass through all of 30 challenges! We have prepared prizes to satisfy all the tastes. E.g., collect a flush only with same suit cards in a pocket, get into the Top 5 in any tournaments with the buy-ins from 10 UAH, and knock out 10 players in any knock-out tournament, and else.

There will be three separate leaderboards created for the missions from Durnev, Mangusta and PokerMatch. After completion of each mission a certain amount of points will be accounted there. This way, you will be able to follow which of the missions are completed, and which are not. After all 10 missions are completed, you’ll have 111,111,111 points.

This is the complete list of the tasks:

10 missions from Durnev

Missions Points
1. Collect Full house with 2-5 (both cards) 1
2. Collect Flush with 2-7 suited (both cards) 10
3. Collect Straight with J8 (both cards) 100
4. Collect Straight with 4-7 (both cards) 1,000
5. Play 10 Kamikadze SNG with any buy-in 10,000
6. Win 20 Windfall tournaments with any buy-in 100,000
7. Play any 50 SNG-tournaments with the buy-ins of 10 UAH and higher 1,000,000
8. Play 10 hands at cash tables on 10/20 limits or higher (Except OFC) 10,000,000
9. Play any 20 tournaments with the buy-in of 10 UAH and higher 50,000,000
10. Earn 500 VIP-points 50,000,000
Total points for all missions 111,111,111

10 missions from Mangusta 

Missions Points
1. Collect a Full house with QQ (both cards) 1
2. Collect Full house with AK (both cards) 10
3. Collect Full house with Q7 (both cards) 100
4. Collect a Flush with KQ suited (both cards) 1,000
5. Collect Straight 5 times with QJ (both cards) 10,000
6. Play 1,000 raked hands on any Jackpot table 100,000
7. Play 1,000 raked hands on any Boost table 1,000,000
8. Play 2 Twitch freerolls 10,000,000
9. Play any 2 MTT tournaments with the buy-in of 100 UAH of higher 50,000,000
10. Get in Top 5 in any MTT-tournaments with the buy-ins of 10 UAH or higher 50,000,000
Total points for all missions 111,111,111

10 missions from PokerMatch

Missions Points
1. Play 20,000 hands in any cash game (except for OFC) 1
2. Play 5,000 raked hands in any cash game (except for OFC) 10
3. Get Straight with 3-4 suited (both cards) 100
4. Get Flush with 5-6 suited (both cards) 1,000
5. Get Full house with 7-8 suited (both cards)
6. Get Four of a Kind in any Texas Hold'em cash game 100,000
7. Get Straight flush or Royal flush in any Texas Hold'em cash game 1,000,000
8. Play 100 times any Windfall tournament 10,000,000
9. Kick out 10 players from Bounty-tournament  (including Rush Hour tournaments) 50,000,000
10. Get prizes 10 times in any MTT tournament with the buy-in of 10 UAH or higher 50,000,000
Total points for all missions 111,111,111

Freeroll Mangusta&Durnev Missions Winners

Players who complete all the 30 missions automatically get a ticket to the special freeroll tournament called Mangusta&Durnev Missions Winners with the guaranteed prize pool of 50,000 UAH where they can compete with Olya and Alexey! 

Those who knock our Pros out, get paid 5,000 UAH in addition!

The Mangusta&Durnev Missions Winners tournament starts on December 1 at 8 PM by Kyiv time zone. All participants receive tickets on the day of the tournament before 1 PM (Kyiv). Please take a notice that you have to sign up for the tournament on your own.

Good luck to you in the missions of November and games with players from the PokerMatch Team!

Additional Terms and Conditions

1. The qualifying period of the promo is from November 1 (9:00) until November 30 (23:59). The time is set by the Kyiv time zone.
2. Players who have completed all 30 missions of the promo are considered to be winners.
3. The deal is considered to be a rake one when players reach at least a flop.
4. In missions, where you need to collect a certain combination, only Texas Hold'em tables are involved (except Run it twice).
5. In the missions where you need to play MTT tournaments, satellites and Rush Hour tournaments do not participate.
5. All promo winners get a ticket to a special free roll tournament Mangusta&Durnev Missions Winners that is to be held on December 1 (starting at 20:00).
6. To participate in the tournament you have to sign yourself up.
7. For knocking out Olga Mangusta Yermolcheva and Alexey Durnev from the tournament there is a set award of 5,000 UAH.
8. You can follow your own progress in the promo through the poker client in the Cashdesk — Active promotions section.
9. This text on the official website of PokerMatch is considered to be the official terms of the promo.
10. Terms of the promo can be changed or updated any time.