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Combinator 2.0: even better chance to get awards

Pleasant surprises in our poker-room continue!

Starting from September 1, we launch a new promo called Combinator 2.0. We will play off 35,000 UAH daily (through September 28) among the most successful cash players of Texas Holdem. And particularly this time it is enough to collect combinations of the pair of Kings and up to score the points.

There will be three leaderboards in our new promo — Little Combinator, Junior Combinator and Mega Combinator — depending on the limits you’re playing. To become a prize-winner, you need to play at limits starting from 0.5/1 UAH and higher.

Leaderboard Limits Prize pool
Little Combinator 0.5/1, 1/2 UAH 5,000 UAH
Junior Combinator 2.5/5, 5/10 UAH  10,000 UAH
Mega Combinator  10/20 UAH and higher  20,000 UAH

15 players will be getting into the prize zone daily, and the winners of the race will get 1,000 UAH, 2,000 UAH и 4,000 UAH respectively! 

Distribution of prize money across the leaderboards:

Place Little Combinator Junior Combinator Mega Combinator
1  1,000 UAH  2,000 UAH 4,000 UAH
2 750 UAH 1,500 UAH  3,000 UAH
3  625 UAH 1,250 UAH 2,500 UAH
4  500 UAH 1,000 UAH 2,000 UAH
5  375 UAH  750 UAH 1,500 UAH
6-10  225 UAH   450 UAH 900 UAH
11-15  125 UAH   250 UAH 500 UAH

Having collected the combination needed, you will be receiving points for the leaderboard (from 2 points for a pair of Kings to 1,000 points for Royal Flush) no matter the result of a hand. Moreover, if you lose a hand, you will get more points!

Combinations and points for them: 

Combination Points for winning
in a hand
Points for losing
in a hand
КК 2 3
АА 4 6
 Two pairs 6 8
Set 8 12
Straight 10 15
Flush 12 18
Full House 20 30
Four of a kind 50 100
Straight Flush 500 1,000
Royal Flush 1,000

Get ready to become the most successful combinator in our new event! Good luck!

Additional terms and conditions:

1. The qualifying period of the daily leaderboards of the promo starts at 3 AM by Kiev time and ends at 02:59 AM by Kiev time the next day.
2. Only UAH cash tables of Texas Holdem take part in the promo, except for the tables with the Run It Twice function.
3. To collect the main part of the combination, one has to use both pocket cards. Let’s say you have collected four of aces and the king kicker (AAAAK) but your pocket cards are A and K, and all the other aces are from the board, then the combination is not accounted. In this case, to collect the combination, one has to have two aces as the pocket cards.
4. Players can follow their progress in the promo in the play room by clicking on the Cashier => Active promotions.
5. To get points in a hand, a minimum rake should be removed, so players should at least reach flop.
6. Points are not accounted for during a hand if a player made a pass with a finished combination.
7. A hand has to be either won or lost. If a player has won a hand without the showdown, the points are added.
8. If as a result you get the bank split, then each player receives the amount of points that is appointed for winning with a composed combination.
9. Prizes are paid out daily and automatically to the participants’ accounts 15 minutes after the corresponding leaderboard ends.
10. If a player wants his points to be accounted for today’s leaderboard, he has to leave the table 15 minutes before the end of that day’s qualifying period. In other case, the points will be accounted for the next day’s leaderboard.
9. This text on the PokerMatch website is considered to be the official rules of the promotion.
10. Promotion rules can be changed or extended at any moment.