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TURBO PONT: Big series of online tournaments: 1st - 13th of June [3,000,000 UAH is guaranteed]

First day of the summer will give a start to the third stage of the grand series of tournaments called TURBO PONT (June 1-13, 2018). Over 70 NL Hold'em and PL Omaha tournaments are waiting for you. Including, 20 title tournaments, where winners receive the championship cups. Total guaranteed prize pool of the series is 3,000,000 UAH!

Daily program of the series includes exciting regular turbo and hyperturbo tournaments (duration of levels is 3 to 5 minutes) and new tournaments with the increased guarantees. And, of course, the Main Event of the series, scheduled on Wednesday, June 13. This time you will have a chance to compete for prizes in both - the Mini Main Event (guarantee — 150,000 UAH), and the classic Main Event, where 500,000 UAH will be guaranteed. Let’s start this summer with a victory!

Regular Tournaments

The program of the series will start every day at 10 AM with the Morning Warm-Up tournament (guarantee — 15,000 UAH), and end late at night with a battle of progressive knockout masters in the Late Night PKO tournament (guarantee — 10,000 UAH). Daily will pass four regular tournaments, buy-ins vary from 22 UAH to 220 UAH.

Here are the schedules:

Start Tournament Buy-in
10:00  [PONT] Morning Warm-Up 15,000 UAH GTD (3R+A)  100 UAH
15:00  [PONT] Hyper Turbo Madness 10,000 UAH GTD (R+A)  22 UAH
18:00  [PONT] Turbo Omahovha 5,000 UAH GTD (3R+A)  50 UAH
22:30  [PONT] Late Night PKO 10,000 UAH GTD (PKO, Re-entry)  220 UAH


Title tournaments

20 title tournaments, for the win in which you will get the named cup, promise to be saturated with events. Poker professionals and amateurs will be able to show their skills here to write their name into history.

Title tournament schedule:

Date Time Tournament Buy-in
June 1, FRI 20:00  [PONT-1] Welcome Party 50,000 UAH GTD (R+A)  50 UAH
  20:30  [PONT-2] Crazy Sharks 100,000 UAH GTD (R+A)  550 UAH
June 2, SAT 20:00  [PONT-3] Let's Dance Hopak 100,000 UAH GTD (R+A)  100 UAH
  20:30  [PONT-4] King of the Seas 100,000 UAH GTD (Re-entry)  500 UAH
June 3, SUN  19:30  [PONT-5] 4 Cards Masters 30,000 UAH GTD (R+A)  100 UAH
  20:00  [PONT-6] Lucky Sunday 150,000 UAH GTD (Re-entry)  500 UAH
June 4, MON 20:00  [PONT-7] Holdem Passion 100,000 UAH GTD (R+A)  100 UAH
June 5, TUE   20:00   [PONT-8] Knockout Masters 50,000 UAH GTD (KO, Re-entry)  550 UAH
June 6, WED  20:00   [PONT-9] Party Hard 100,000 UAH GTD (R+A)  50 UAH
June 7, THU 20:00  [PONT-10] Golden Dragons 100,000 UAH GTD (R+A)  200 UAH
June 8, FRI   20:00   [PONT-11] Party Boys 50,000 UAH GTD (R+A)  50 UAH
  20:30  [PONT-12] Serious Guys 100,000 UAH GTD (R+A)  550 UAH
June 9, SAT 20:00  [PONT-13] Let's Dance Hopak 100,000 UAH GTD  (R+A)  100 UAH
  20:30  [PONT-14] World Ocean's King 100,000 UAH GTD (Re-entry)  500 UAH
June 10, SUN 19:30  [PONT-15] Omaha Masters 30,000 UAH GTD (R+A)  100 UAH
  20:00  [PONT-16] Lucky Sunday 150,000 UAH GTD (Re-entry)  500 UAH
June 11, MON 20:00  [PONT-17] Easy Money 100,000 UAH GTD (R+A)  100 UAH
June 12, TUE 20:00  [PONT-18] Men in Black 100,000 UAH GTD (Re-entry)  500 UAH
June 13, WED 19:30  [PONT-19] Mini Main Event 150,000 UAH GTD (R+A)  250 UAH
  20:00  [PONT-20] Main Event 500,000 UAH GTD (Re-entry)  2000 UAH

For each tournament of the series, satellites will be held. Their schedule will be available 24 hours before the start of the tournament in its lobby. All the detailed information about the tournaments of the series you can find in the client's lobby.

Leaderboard Promo Fast & First

During the TURBO PONT series, we are launching the Fast & First promotion — the tournament leaderboard with the 250,000 UAH prize pool. Top-20 players will get into the prize zone, and the winner will receive 55,000 UAH!

In order to participate in the promotion, you need to play any tournament with buy-in from 1 UAH and gain points.

Points are collected according to the following formula:

The amount of the tournament’s prize pool + the amount of all awards for knocking out / occupied place = number of points.

For example, the player took the 2nd place in the tournament with the amount of contributions of 50,000 UAH, the amount of awards for knocking out 50,000 UAH, he will get — 100,000 / 2 = 50,000 points. In multi-entry and re-entry tournaments, each entry will be calculated separately and then summed with the rest.

Prize distribution table:




55,000 UAH


30,000 UAH


25,000 UAH


15,000 UAH


10,000 UAH


8,000 UAH


5,000 UAH


Additional terms and conditions

1. The period of passing the series of tournaments TURBO PONT June, 1-13 2018. 
2. In case of malfunction, that affects game client operation during the tournament, the tournament will be paused. If PokerMatch does not resume the game within an hour, the tournament will be continued on the next day at the same time (if the tournament started at 20:00, it will be resumed the next day at 20:00 (GMT+3).
3. Won tickets and prizes are not exchangeable and can only be used by the player himself.
4. Under the name cup is meant a cup of the series of TURBO PONT tournaments with the name of the tournament and an engraved nickname of the winner.
5. Cups will be sent to the winners of the tournaments within 30 working days after the last tournament of the series.
6. The delivery of the cups is paid by PokerMatch.
7. To get the cup, the winner's account must be fully verified.
8. After the win in the title tournament, player can independently contact the PokerMatch support service to verify the account, if it is not yet verified, and also to indicate the shipping address of the trophy.
9. Cups are given only for the winners of the title TURBO PONT tournaments.
10. In order to compliance with the sport principle in the titled tournaments the ability to conclude deals at the final tables will be deactivated.
11. The scoring period of the Fast & First will start on June 1, 2018 at 03:00 AM Kyiv time and finish on June 14, 2018 at 11:59 AM Kyiv time.
12. All multi-table tournaments with buy-in from 1 hryvnia participate in the promotion, except for the satellites and stage-tournaments.
13. In tournaments with the possibility of repeated (re-entry) or multiple (multi-entry) inputs, each separate entry is considered unique, and for this entry, separate points are awarded.
14. Points are awarded immediately after the player's elimination from the tournament. The scoring formula is based on the amount of contributions, the amount of knockout rewards and the number of players at the time of elimination. 
15. In the case of a deal at the final table, the first place is awarded to the player who will receive the highest prize amount as a result of the deal.
16. The player will be able to track his progress in the action in the gaming client in the section «Cashier» => «Active promo».
17. Prizes will be paid to the winners' accounts within 15 minutes after the end of the crediting period and the closure of the leaderboard.
18. The terms of the promotion can be changed or supplemented at any time.