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PONTO Omaha Championship: November 9—25 [more than 2,000,000 UAH guaranteed]

November 9—25 at PokerMatch is the best time for Omaha experts! These are the dates of the PONTO championship with tournaments for all tastes, and with promos with the prize pool of more than 2,000,000 UAH!

17 title tournaments in Omaha await, with buy-ins starting from 50 UAH! All types and formats of your favorite game will be available during the championship, and, of course, including the Main event of the series with the guarantee of 200,000 UAH!

The Main Event will be held in the multi-entry format — each player will be able to enter four times which will increase the chances to win in this high-profile tournament. Moreover, besides the prize money and all the fame, all winners of all tournaments of the series also get the champions' cups!

Schedule of the PONTO title tournaments (starting at 8 PM):

Date Game Tournament Buy-in Guarantee
November 9, Fri PL Omaha  [PONTO-1] Welcome Party 40k UAH GTD 100 UAH 40,000 UAH
November 10, Sat PL Omaha KO  [PONTO-2] Epic KO Battle 40k UAH GTD 200 UAH 40,000 UAH
November 11, Sun PL Omaha  [PONTO-3] Sunday PLO Grinders 40k UAH GTD 500 UAH 40,000 UAH
November 12, Mon NL Omaha  [PONTO-4] Lucky Pirates 40k UAH GTD 50 UAH 40,000 UAH
November 13, Tue PL Omaha PKO  [PONTO-5] PKO Battle 40k UAH GTD 250 UAH 40,000 UAH
November 14, Wed PL Omaha  [PONTO-6] Freezout Dreamers 40k UAH GTD 500 UAH 40,000 UAH
November 15, Thu NL Omaha  [PONTO-7] Party Hard 40k UAH GTD 50 UAH 40,000 UAH
November 16, Fri PL Omaha  [PONTO-8] Friday Showtime 40k UAH GTD 100 UAH 40,000 UAH
November 17, Sat PL Omaha KO  [PONTO-9] KO Boxers 40k UAH GTD 200 UAH 40,000 UAH
November 18, Sun Omaha Hi-Lo  [PONTO-10] Hi-Lo Masters 40k UAH GTD 500 UAH 40,000 UAH
November 19, Mon FL Omaha  [PONTO-11] FL Challenge 40k UAH GTD 1,000 UAH 40,000 UAH
November 20, Tue NL Omaha  [PONTO-12] Unlimited Passion 40k UAH GTD 100 UAH 40,000 UAH
November 21, Wed PL Omaha PKO  [PONTO-13] PKO Warriors 40k UAH GTD 500 UAH 40,000 UAH
November 22, Thu PL Omaha  [PONTO-14] Troublemakers Party 40k UAH GTD 50 UAH 40,000 UAH
November 23, Fri PL Omaha  [PONTO-15] Boosted Grinders 40k UAH GTD 100 UAH 40,000 UAH
November 24, Sat Omaha Hi-Lo  [PONTO-16] Hi-Lo Sharks 40k UAH GTD 500 UAH 40,000 UAH
November 25, Sun PL Omaha  [PONTO-17] Main Event 200k UAH GTD 1,000 UAH 200,000 UAH

Satellites for the PONTO’s Main Event

To pass selection into the Main Event of the PONTO series is possible through free roll satellites. For your convenience, we have come up with a few selection stages, and anyone can participate, no matter the amount of the bankroll.

Satellites will be held daily, on November 9—24, in the Sit&Go and classic tournament formats, and you will compete for two guaranteed entries into the Main Event during the final satellite.

The satellites procedure plan:


All selection tournaments can be found in the PokerMatch lobby in Events and Sit&Go tabs.

Please take a notice that there is no automatic registration for the selection tournaments. You can make your own choice of when to take part in the next selection stage.

Regular tournaments

You can also compete for the prizes and for a part of the guaranteed prize pool of 1,000,000 UAH in regular Omaha tournaments that will be held daily from 12:00 until 22:00 by Kyiv time. 

Schedule of the regular tournaments:

Time Game Tournament Buy-in Guarantee
12:00 PL Omaha  Omahovich 10k UAH GTD 100 UAH 10,000 UAH
14:00 PL Omaha  4 Cards Masters 15k UAH GTD 500 UAH 15,000 UAH
15:00 Omaha Hi-Lo  Hi-Lo Omahovich 5k UAH GTD 100 UAH 5,000 UAH
16:00 PL Omaha  Omahovna 10k UAH GTD 100 UAH 10,000 UAH
19:20 Omaha Hi-Lo  Hi-Lo Omahovich 5k UAH GTD 100 UAH 5,000 UAH
22:00 PL Omaha  4 Cards Masters 15k UAH GTD 200 UAH 15,000 UAH

Moreover, we offer you to compete in regular tournaments in NL Hold’em, OFC, Stud, Baduga, Hold’em 6+ and others. The schedule of the tournaments that will be held every hour is available in the lobby on PokerMatch.

Omaha Tourneymania promo

Even more chances to earn will be available to Omaha players during the special Tourneymania Omaha promotion. We will draw additional 150,000 UAH! 

The promo will be held on November 9—26. To participate, you have to play in Omaha tournaments with the buy-in starting from 10 UAH and earn points. The more successful your game is, the more points you get in the leaderboard. Winning in the tournament will bring you 36 points at once.

Procedure of accounting of the points:

Participation in 
a tournament
Making to the ITM

Place in Top 5

+1 point

+5 points

1st place

+30 points

2nd place

+25 points

3rd place

+20 points

4th place

+15 points

5th place

+10 points

Traditionally, during the promo for different buy-ins there will be different multipliers, from 1 to 4. Your success in the more expensive tournaments will bring you more points.

Buy-in  Multiplier
10—49 UAH х1
50—99 UAH х2
 100—250 UAH х3
251 UAH and more x4

E.g., you place the 1st place in a tournament with the buy-in of 100 UAH, you win 36 х 3 = 108 points!

50 most successful players according to the results of the promo will receive prizes, and the winner will get 30,000 UAH!

Explanation of the prize distribution:

Place Prizes
1st 30,000 UAH
2nd 21,000 UAH
3rd 15,000 UAH
4th 11,000 UAH
5th 8,000 UAH
6—10th 5,000 UAH
11—20th 2,500 UAH
21—50th 500 UAH

Good luck to you in the Omaha championship and in our new promotion! Demonstrate your skills and let others know you’re the best!

Additional terms & conditions

1. The period of the Omaha PONTO Championship will be from November 9 until November 25 2018 inclusively.
2. In case technical differences affecting the work of the game client occur during the championship, the tournament will be paused. If PokerMatch does not resume the game in an hour, the tournament will continue the next day, same time (if a tournament has started at 20:00, it will be re-started at 20:00 the next day).
3. Tickets and prizes that have been won cannot be exchanged and can be used only by the players who got them.
4. Under the notion of the nominal cup of the PONTO series we imply a PONTO series cup with the name of the tournament and the engraved player’s nickname.
5. Cups will be shipped to the tournament winners during the 30 days after the end of the last tournament of the series.
6. The costs of the cups delivery are covered by PokerMatch.
7. To get the cup, the account of a person who won the tournament has to be completely verified. 
8. After the win in the title tournament, a player can reach out to PokerMatch's support team to verify their account if it is still not verified, and also to provide the address of cup delivery.
9. Cups are given only in the title tournaments of the PONTO series.
10. In compliance with the sports principle, in title tournaments there will be no possibility to make deals on the finale tables.
11. Tickets won in satellites for the title tournaments that have not been used by the players will be exchanged for the tournament money after the end of the objective tournament.
12. The qualifying period of the Tourneymania Omaha promotion is from November 9 (9:00) until November 26 (11:59). The time is set in Kyiv time zone.
13. All UAH multi-table Omaha tournaments with the buy-ins starting from 10 UAH except for satellites participate in the Tourneymania Omaha promo.
14. In tournaments with the possibility of double entries (re-entries) or multi-entries, each separate entry is considered unique, and for such entry points are accounted separately.
15. Points are accounted as soon as a player is kicked out of the tournament. The formula of accounting the points is based on the result of player’s game in the tournament and is dependent on the buy-in.
16. In case of a deal at the final table the first place is given to a player who has received the biggest sum of prize money as a result of the deal.
17. In case of the equal amount of points in the Tourneymania leaderboard, a higher position will be given to a player that has received the biggest amount of the points closer to the end of the stage. 
18. One's progress in the promo can be followed in the game client in the Cashdesk — Active promotions section.
19. Prizes will be paid out to winners' accounts in the next 15 minutes after the end of the qualifying period and leaderboard closure.
20. Terms of the PONTO series and the promotion can be changed or updated any time.