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Rakeback – return of rake, or fee, which poker-room takes from each bet of a player. Rakeback is an additional bonus. Leading poker-rooms in the world already use the rakeback system.

At PokerMatch rake is 5%. On the first sight, fee is not big, but most times, in a month this makes very big amounts, which make poker not so profitable and only gives a player chance to return rake.

By this time there are three types of rakeback (Contributed, Dealt, Shared), and the amount returned depends on which type of rakeback is used by poker-room.

PokerMatch uses Contributed rakeback.

Contributed rakeback - the most advanced type of rakeback, because each player gets rakeback in % of bet amount and not the whole pot. The more player bets, the more rakeback he will get. While folding in preflop, rake is not charged.

Rakeback at PokerMatch depends on the VIP Level of player. At this moment there are 8 levels: 


All periods of the new system are the calendar ones. Every three months is one calendar quarter of a year. For example, you have achieved an "Emerald" VIP level in the first quarter (January, February or March). From that moment you already hold this status during the first quarter and you have to prove it by the end of the second quarter (April, May or June). This also applies to all other levels.

Rakeback is charged in component points (VIP Points).

  • Crystal - 0.5 VIP-point for rake of 0.4 UAH*.
  • Pearls - 1 VIP-point for rake of 0.4 UAH*.
  • Topaz - 1.5 VIP-points for rake of 0.4 UAH*.
  • Alexandrite - 2 VIP-points for rake of 0.4 UAH*.
  • Emerald - 2.5 VIP-points for rake of 0.4 UAH*.
  • Rubin - 3 of VIP-points for rake of 0.4 UAH*.
  • Sapphire - 3.5 VIP-points for rake of 0.4 UAH*.
  • Diamond - 4 VIP-points for rake of 0.4 UAH*.

*The UAH is for convenience and ease of understanding. Index calculation of VIP-points against the hryvnia may vary depending on currency exchange rates.

All players can transfer their VIP-points into real money

Minimum amount for convertion to UAH – 100 UAH. Minimum amount for convertion to USD / EUR - 5 USD/EUR (in this case amount of points depends on the currency rates). Also this points can be used for buy-in at tournaments.