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Satellites for the PFC series in Prague [€250 tournament's ticket + €250 for expenses]

From August 1 till September 9, satellites for the Main Event Poker Federations Cup series tournament that is scheduled for September 13–23 in Prague will be held on PokerMatch

Winners of satellites will get a ticket to the Poker Federations Cup tournament with the buy-in of €250 and the guarantee of €100,000, and also additional €250 to cover expenses that will be sent to one’s personal account in the poker-room!

All online satellites will be available in EUR. In order to see them in the lobby of the game client, you need to select the EUR currency in the filters. However, this does not affect the players whose accounts on PokerMatch are open in UAH or USD. Whatever the currency of your account is, you can freely play satellites in euros. With a buy-in to the tournament, there will be an automatic conversion at the rate of the site without any loss to the player.

Satellites will be divided into four stages. It is possible to start at the first freeroll stage every 30 minutes daily from 9:10 AM till 3:40 AM the next day. The buy-in to get into the second stage will make up €0.2, and to sign up directly into the third stage, you will need €2.

Finally, for the direct participation in the final stage where guaranteed €500 is in store (€250 for the tournament ticket + €250 to cover the expenses), one has to make a buy-in of €20. Final qualifier stages will be held daily. The start is set for 8:05 PM.

The structure of satellites is the following:


In the qualifying tournaments, there won’t be an automatic registration via tickets. You can choose when to play in the next qualifying stage for yourself.

Good luck in the satellites for the Poker Federations Cup tournament in Prague!

The schedule of the Poker Federations Cup series:

Additional rules and conditions:

1. The start of the tournaments is set by Kyiv time.
2. All unused tickets for the qualifying tournaments, except for the [Winners Lobby] Prague Poker Federations Cup €100k, will be deleted by September 10 without any compensation.
3. All participants of [Winners Lobby] Prague Poker Federations Cup €100k will get:
        — a ticket to Poker Federations Cup tournament that costs €250;
        — €250 to their account one can use as they please.
4. All participants of [Winners Lobby] Prague Poker Federations Cup €100k must play in the Poker Federations Cup Flight 1A tournament that starts on September 14 at 6:00 PM (Prague time). If for some reason a player could not take part in the Flight 1A, their ticket is cancelled. In case of unforeseen circumstances, a player may get in touch with the tournament series organizers.
5. In case of winning two or more tickets to the [Winners Lobby] Prague Poker Federations Cup €100k, for every ticket the player gets €500 of the tournament money they can use for buy-ins to every tournaments in the series in Prague. If they have not used the tournament money in the series, this money will expire without any compensation.
6. All participants of the [Winners Lobby] Prague Poker Federations Cup €100k should be verified to get the tickets. Identity verification is the confirmation of the personal data entered by the players in their PokerMatch profiles, including their name and surname, by submitting the verification documents. The verification is a completely confidential process, and the organizers of the tournament are provided with only the name and the surname. The PokerMatch support team will get in touch with every winner of the final satellite, but you can also initiate the verification process on your own by contacting the support.
7. To take place at the Poker Federations Cup tournament table, a winner of the satellite will have to provide their proof of identity to the organizers.
8. All tickets won for the Poker Federations Cup tournament cannot be transferred to another person.
9. All information about the Poker Federations Cup in Prague can be received by contacting the series organizers directly.
10. By participating in satellites, players agree with these rules and conditions.
11. Rules and conditions can be edited or extended at any time. The publication of the updated version of the terms on this page of the official PokerMatch website is considered to be the notification of users about the change of rules and conditions.