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Streamermania: 200,000 UAH for the best players in freerolls

Do you enjoy watching streams and playing freerolls on PokerMatch? Now you have a chance to combine both and win additional prize money at the same time. October 4 marks a start of a new promo Streamermania where we will play 200,000 tournament UAH!

To take part in the promo, one has to fall under a few simple conditions:
— watch PokerMatch streamers broadcast on YouTube or Twitch;
— learn a password for a freeroll told by a streamer during the broadcast;
— sign up for the freeroll and try to get as far as possible in the tournament.

In total, we will hold 15 Promo Twitch Freeroll. They will start at 9 PM by Kyiv time and will be held in turbo format (5-minute levels). During the first 12 levels of the game you will have an opportunity to make up to 5 re-buys for 1 UAH each. The total prize pool for every freeroll is 10,000 tournament UAH. Top 100 players of each freeroll will get into the prize zone, and the minimal prize will make up 50 tournament UAH.

Moreover, while playing freerolls, you'll be collecting points and fighting for the win in our leaderboard. The total prize pool of the race will make up 50,000 tournament UAH, the winner will get 10,000 tournament UAH to their account.

Points for the leaderboard will be accounted by the following formula:
number of tournament participants / your place in the tournament. 

E.g., if the tournament started with 2,500 people in it, and you took the 10th place, then in the result you will receive 250 points.

The results of the race will be summed up after the 15th freeroll. Prize money will be shared between the best 50 players the following way: 

Place Prizes
1  10,000 tournament UAH
2 7,500 tournament UAH
 3   5,000 tournament UAH
4  3,500 tournament UAH
 5   2,500 tournament UAH
6-10 1,000 tournament UAH
11-20  600 tournament UAH
21-50  350 tournament UAH

Good luck in our Streamermania promo. Win together with PokerMatch streamers!

Additional rules and terms

1. The accounting period of the Streamermania promo is from October 4 to October 25.
2. All freerolls participating in the promo are held at the same time as streams of the PokerMatch players.
3. The starting stack in the freeroll is 5,000 chips. The duration of each level is 5 minutes. A late registration is available during the first 6 levels of the tournament. You can also make up to 5 re-buys for 1 UAH until 12th level each.
4. Top-100 players according to the freeroll results are guaranteed to receive prize money.
5. Points in the promotion leaderboard are accounted automatically 15 minutes after you leave the tournament.
6. Race results will be concluded after all 15 freerolls are played.
7. All prizes of this promo are paid out in tournament hryvnias. You can use them to sign up for PokerMatch tournaments.
8. Players can track their progress in the poker room’s Active promotions section in Cashdesk.
9. Prizes will be paid out to the winners’ accounts within 15 minutes after the end of the accounting period and the leaderboard closure.
10. Terms and conditions of the UPC series and promos can be changed or updated at any time.