Current promotions

Tourneymania 150,000 UAH [9th-30th of April]

From 1st of April on PokerMatch entered into force new schedule of the tournaments with the increase guarantees! We want to stimulate our players and played out 150,000 UAH among the best and the most active players of the new tournaments!

Promotion starts at April 9 and will last three weeks! Every week the best 10 players will share the prize pool in 50,000 UAH, by taking part in the special leaderboards.

Table for distribution of the prize money:

Place Prize
1st 14,000 uah
2nd 10,000 uah
3rd 7,000 uah
4-5th 4,500 uah
6-10th 2,000 uah

The scheme for earning points is the same for all leaderboards and is calculated by the formula:

The amount of all contributions to the prize pool of the tournament + the amount of all rewards for knocking out + the total amount of the rake from rebuys and addons / occupied place = the points.

For example, if you took the 2nd place in the tournament with the amount of contributions in 50,000 UAH, the amount of rewards for knocking out in 50,000 UAH and the amount of the rake from rebuys and addons in 1,000 UAH, you will get – 101,000/2 = 50,500 points.

In multi-entry and re-entry tournaments, each entry will be calculated separately, and then summed with the rest.

Additional terms and conditions:

1. The promotion will have 3 weekly credits. Everywhere is indicated time by Kiev.

 09 April 00:00 – 16 April 07:00

16 April 07:01 – 23 April 07:00

– 23 April 07:01 – 30 April 07:00

2. In the promotion participate all uah multi-table tournaments with buy-in from 1 uah, except satellites, time tournaments and stage-tournaments.
3. In the tournaments with the possibility of repeated (re-entr)y or multiple (multi-enty) inputs, each separate entry is considered unique, and for this entry are awarded separate points.
4. Points are awarded after the end of the tournament.
5. In the case of a deal at the final table, the first place is awarded to the player who will receive the highest prize amount for the outcome of the deal.
6. The player will be able to track his progress in the stock in the gaming client in the section «Cashier» => «Active shares».
7. Prizes will be paid to the winners' accounts within 15 minutes after the end of the crediting period and the closure of the respective leaderboard.
8. The terms of the promotion can be changed or supplemented at any time.