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Windfall Tournaments with Jackpot

Meet hot new promotion at PokerMatch - S'n'G tournaments with jackpot Windfall! Windfall means unexpected luck and income. Now, just in a few minutes you can win a part of the prize pool of $250,000!

Before the begining of each Windfall tournament, prize pool is selected randomly and can compose amount between 2 and 50,000 buy-ins. The number of game participants is three, each starting with a 500 chip stake and blinds increasing each 3 minutes. You can participate in one tournament or register for the four of them at the same time, to increase your chances to win a jackpot! You can play Windfall tournaments at PokerMatch  with different buy-ins: $0,50, $1, $3, $5, $10, $25, $50 and $100.

Even in the most affordable tournaments with buy-in of $0,50 you have a chance to win share of $100 prize pool! But the biggest prize pools are played in tournaments with $5 buy-ins. There you can compete for a prize fund of $250,000! If you do not want to spend hours in a single tournament to win a good prize, Windfall is exactly what you need!

Check out the full table of buy-ins and chances of prize pools drawing, enter PokerMatch lobby, go to Windfall and win!


Pay attention to our new tournaments KAMIKADZE WINDFALL, where everything is the same, only the players immediately go all-in with the first deal! Try your luck and win up to $9,999 for a buy-in of just $0,99!


This tournament lasts only 5 minutes, then (by the end of the first level) he transforms into mode All-In Shootout, and all players will go automatically all-in every distribution before winner will be determined. Maximum number of participants - 3 players. Cost of buy-in - $0,50. Prize pool is determined by accident in the start of the tournament and can reach or $1, or $100!

Additional terms

1. All user agreement provisions are valid.
2. Rake in all Windfall tournaments is 5%.
3. You can register at 4 tournaments at the same time.
4. By participating in Windfall tournaments, a player accepts the risk of suddenly internet connection problems, which can influence on the tournament final results.
5. If Windfall tournament is paused or canceled, the final prize fund is distributed in following way: 
- if the prize fund is multiplied by 2, every player receives their buy-in back;
- if the prize fund is multiplied by 4 or more, the whole prize fund is distributed respectively to the stakes of players. 
6. If you play at USD tables with UAH account, then currency conversion takes place automatically when joining the table with no commission applied.