Current promotions

400,000 UAH for the best players of the Windfall tournaments at March!

We launch the new uah tournaments Windfall with the jackpot!

And from 1st to 31st of March every week we will play 100,000 UAH among the best players of this tournaments! If you want to get you share from 100,00 UAH, you need to score 1,000 special points in the individual competition. How are scored the points? It is simple - the amount of the buy-ins in the Windfall tournament is equal to the number of points that you get. If you win in the tournament, you will get double points!

The periods of the promotion:

Period Prize pool
1-7 of March 100,000 UAH
8-14 of March 100,000 UAH
15-21 of March 100,000 UAH
22-31 of March 100,000 UAH

The prize pool will be distributed among all players who will score 1,000 points and more. The size of the individual prize will depend on the number of points and will be calculated according to the formula:

100,000/Total points for players with 1,000+ points*Number of individual points

For example, in a total, all players with 1,000+ points scored 2,000,000 points. In this case, the cost of one leaderboard score will be 100,000/2,000,000,000=0.05 uah. If player has earned 10,000 points for the period, he will receive - 0.05*10,000=500 uah.

Players can check their progress in the promotion in the game client «Cashier» - «Active contests».

Play in the new Windfall tournaments and get additional prizes!

Buy-ins and multipliers of the tournaments Windfall:

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