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Windfall tournaments with the jackpot

Windfall uah tournaments with a jackpot are superfast S'n'G tournaments for 4 people, in which the prize pool is determined randomly before the start of the game, and can range from 3 to 10 buy-ins! Yet instead of usual prize pool in each such Windfall tournament can drop a jackpot! The amount of the jackpot is formed from the buy-in of the players and is always visible in the tournament lobby. The entry contribution of 500,000 UAH was made by the poker room itself during the launch of the jackpot.

Buy-ins on the tournament starts from 5 uah and higher, the game involves 4 players, a starting stack is 500 chips, and the blinds grow every 3 minutes. You can play in one tournament or in several at the same time to increase your chances to win jackpot! In the regular tournaments winner takes all prize pool! In the case of falling a jackpot, there is a different distribution of prizes.

The amount of the money prize (% from jackpot) that will be distributed when the jackpot falls will depend on the buy-in of the tournament. More higher is buy-in, more higher is amount of distributed jackpot, and prizes will be divided in such way: 50% gets the tournament winner, 30% gets the player in the second place, 20% gets the player in the third place. Also, players will have the opportunity to conclude a deal. It will be available, if all participants at the table will agree. In the case of a deal, the amount of the jackpot will be divided among the remaining players in proportion to the number of chips.

In the all Windfall tournaments charged rake (commission) in 5% from the buy-in. The amount of the rake includes: 4% – the commission of PokerMatch  and 1% – the commission of the special Windfall jackpot.

If you don't want to sit for a few hours in one tournament to win good money prize, then the Windfall tournaments will surely suit you!