Basic strategy in S'n'G

At the competition tables usually gather from 6 to 10 players. The literal translation of Sit'n'Go means «sit down and play», which fully describes the rapid pace of the competition. Change of levels in the S'n'G tournaments takes from 1 to 5 minutes.

Basic strategy of playing in the S'N'G «Double»

Prize places in competitions of this type can be given to almost half of the participants. So participation in the S'n'G tournament can be considered guaranteed winning. This explains the popularity of the competitions of this format among the players of poker-rooms. The confidence in getting the prize makes the participants more composure and allows chance for fully demonstration of your skills.

In the S'n'G tournaments with the Double-Up prize pool, game by the strategy assumes tightness at the first levels and increase of aggressiveness closer to the finale. There are cases when the participants are in the top five or even the top three, while maintaining the starting bankroll. The fewer players at the table, the lower is the chances of maintaining a tight game. You should go to the aggressive actions, when you have poor cards and gradual lose the stack. Avoid this development of events can be a couple of sharp movements at the first level. Stealing blinds in S'n'G tournaments is risky. The chances of getting on the «all-in man» or even not one are high. It is optimal to focus on controlling of the bankroll.

Basic strategy for S'N'G tournaments

In a standard format, the competition between poker players is held at tables with 10 participants. The blinds are replaced by 10 minutes. Given the participation of players with a large stack, the final stage may be absent.

For owners of impressive capital is important not to rush to outsiders, having only an average hand. The game can quickly end not in your favor. One of the most effective strategies is complete peace of mind and periodic viewing of the flop. This tactic will allow you to withdraw the prize after one win.

Why are the S'N'G tournaments so popular

Fast tournaments are deservedly respected among high rollers. Losing players in such way restore the lost balance. Most buy-ins do not exceed $100, and the probability of winning is higher than in a major tournament.

Professional poker players often play S'n'G tournaments, working out on their discipline. The basic strategy of the game, in fact, is a small copy of MTT. Therefore, training in S'n'G tournaments is particularly relevant before the start of major competitions.

The opinion about the non-profitability of the S'n'G was initially mistaken. Studying the strategy of microlimits will make it possible to obtain an impressive profit in the S'n'G.