Position UTG

Position UTG is the early position, and the seat of the playet at the table. This position is attributed to the following after the small and big blinds three positions to the left of the dealer. They have an abbreviation: UTG, UTG1 and UTG2 respectively («under the gun»). They are unscrambled as follows:

  • UTG - literally, «under the gun»; player sitting at the earliest position. His word is always the first at the pre-flop;
  • UTG + 1 - the player whose word will be the second;
  • UTG + 2 - the player sitting in front of players in the middle position.

Player in the early position

You should be more selective in choosing hands for the game, because you will have very little information about the strength of the opponent's hands. Playing in early position should be very tight and cautious, because your word is the first and practically always when your bet is called, you will remain without post-flop position. In this position, the opponent is can not bluff effectively and to «read» the opponent. Summing up, we can say that the early position is less profitable. If you want to minimize risks, will be justified to play only strong hands .