Tournaments with progressive knockout (PKO)

Tournaments with progressive knockout is a popular form of knockout tournaments where, along with sharing of the prize pool with other players, you can earn prize money for knocking out the opponents. Moreover, for knocking out a player, you receive half of the opponent’s current bounty size, and the other half is added to the current award for knocking you out of the tournament.

For example, you have knocked out a player for whom you are supposed to receive the award of 100 UAH. In this case, 50 UAH go to your account immediately, and 50 UAH are added to the award for knocking you out.

In the progress of the tournament, the award grows when you’re knocking out a player that has knocked out a few other players previously, and the winner of the tournament with progressive knockouts will receive an award for themselves, too. So that’s why during the final stage of the PKO tournament getting the first place in the final game is more important. A winner will be guaranteed to receive a few big bounties, and also a bounty for their own win.

PKO game strategy

When you choose your PKO strategy, always take the bounty factor into account. For example, when calculating the chances of a bank, always remember that in case you succeed in knocking out a player from the tournament, you will immediately receive an award. That’s why in some cases it is not a mistake if you expand the range of your call of the opponent's all-in.

Tournaments in the progressive knockout format won’t let you feel bored by the poker table. On any stage of the tournament, you’ll have a chance to top up your bankroll, even when you’re not in the prize zone of the tournament.