Run It Twice

Run it twice - distribution of second board, using remaining cards. With this certain function you can try to change an outcome by splitting the pot between the two boards. PokerMatch offers you a little bit different type of this feature. 

If during the betting period, one of the players goes all-in and receives a call, remaining common cards are dealt two times, creating two separate boards. It must be mentioned, that the period of game is not principal, as it can be pre-flop, flop, turn or river. And only one deck of cards is used in this case.

Pot is divided into two parts and player with the best hand, accomplished with the help of respective board, gets the money. So, if your opponent unexpectedly won you with flush on first board, on second board you can be the lucky one. 



Player 1 goes all-in and player 2 calls. In this case, two boards will be dealt. 


In first case winner will be player 1, and in the second case - player 2. So, each of them will get 50% of the pot.

How to start game with Run It Twice feature

To prove yourself in games with Run It Twice feature, you don't have to setup it or wait for partners approvel. In our lobby you will find tables where RIT runs by default on any all-in, all of them are mentioned with the symbol «twice». The feature of second board is not available in tournaments. 

Other terms

  • Run It Twice feature is available on certain tables of Texas Hold'em;
  • PokerMacth doesn't charge additional commission on Run It Twice tables; 
  • These feature doesn't affect the amount of rakeback/VIP points;