How to verify your account

You need to verify your account in order to prevent any kind of fraud with your game account and to confirm your age (you must be adult that's mean 18 years old). Verification is necessary because after this only you can withdraw money from the account, and no one else could take advantage of this opportunity. After verification, your game account will be connected to your card and contain information that only you know. It is enough to make this procedure once.

To verify your account, you need to follow next steps:

Step 1. Completely fill your profile in the gaming-room ( https://pokermatch.com/en/page/account ).


Step 2. Make a high-quallity colourful photo of the passport (1, 2 turns), so that all the corners of the document can be seen and upload it in the section «VERIFICATION» in your personal account ( https://pokermatch.com/en/page/verification ). 

Important: If you turned more than 45 years old, then the photo of 3 turn of the passport.

Photos are demonstrated as an illustrative example, but your photos and information on them should not be changed or hidden.

Step 3. Make high-quallity colourful photo of payment card and upload it in the section «VERIFICATION» in your personal account ( https://pokermatch.com/en/page/verification ).

Important: On the photo you need to hide all the numerals of the card number exept the first six and the last four.

Step 3a. If the card not personal named (without name and surname of the owner), so you need to make a screenshot (or photo) from the personal account of your internet-banking, where it can be able to see your last name, first name, patronymic, card number, where must be seen the first six and the last four numerals (the rest should be closed as in step 3).

You can also provide a screenshot (or photo) of the bank statement about the information on your card.

Step 4. You need to attach a payment card to your account by making a deposit from it. The minimum amount of the deposit is 100 UAH.

If you have additional questions, please contact customer support at PokerMatch - [email protected].